Janasetha Profile

He was born on 28th June 1953 in a typical village called Deniyaya, in the Matara District at Southern Province of Sri Lanka.
He is a prominent figure among the mankind.
He is an internationally acclaimed Astrology Specialist.
He is truly a social worker.
He is a person with humane qualites.
He is none other than Mr. Sumanadasa Tilak Abeygunawardena, who hails from a respectable family with a proven track record. His father, Mr. D S Abeygunawardena, was a village Committee Chairman of Morawaka Village Council and he held the record of being in the Chairmanship for the longest period of time in succession.
Mr. Sumanadasa Abeygunawardene was educated at Morawaka Central College and he was determined from his early childhood to pursue the various disciplines in astrology. Acquiring through his efforts, a sound education and the highest of professional qualifications in his chosen field of competence, he established his own life. He studied astrology thoroughly from the local and international astrologers and became well versed with this noble subject.
People world over marvel at his superior expertise of making prophesies in the political arena. He is the one who foretold the future of eminent personalities for nearly three decades in Sri Lanka as well as in many other countries. He wielded a great deal of power and accuracy whenever his advice and direction were sought in preparing the most auspicious time for Majesties and Excellencies.
He was also instrumental in showing the whole world that Sri Lanka is endowed with distinguished astrologers. In this effort he has traveled around twenty countries in the world. He projected the image of a truly Sri Lankan of distinction while he was working in the Middle East countries where he rendered a great service by helping the hapless people working there. His boundless charity and compassion for the under privileged manifested themselves with the services he offered through Japan – Sri Lanka Friendship Association. With various welfare projects he has been able to help many a needy person in the country.
Not only is he remarkable and exceptional in those fields but he proudly possesses the following titles too.

  1. Honored with the title of “Desha Shakthi”, “Desha Bandu”, “Desha Keerthi” and many other presidential awards.
  2. Greatly honored with the titles of “Jyothier Sekera”, “Jyothier Vidya Shiromani”
  3. Chief Adviser –“Suraguru” International Astrology Magazine.
  4. Adviser (Cultural and National Affairs) – Independent Television Network
  5. Working Director – National Savings Bank

Sumanadasa Tilak Abegunawardana has over 38 years of experience as an entrepreneur. He was a Director of the Employees' Trust Fund Board. He was appointed to the Board in August 2007.

A Director of the Co-operative Hospital, Galle

Apart from that Mr. Sumanadasa Abeygunawardene has been awarded with the most coveted “Indian Excellency Award 2006” for the best astrology specialist of South Asia on the 29th of July 2006 at the FICCI Hall in Delhi in India.

Jothirvidya Vibhooshana title has been awarded by Culture and Art Department of Sri Lanka. This award function held at the first time of time to honor astrologists.

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